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When to Drift Instead of Fly: Human Snowflakes

Updated: Feb 21, 2019

Philosophy is A beautiful dance that brings together different layers of the mind. But realizing when and when not to keep it to yourself is a useful quality.


Why is it not always the best solution to express yourself in complete freedom?


Different people require different energy.

We are snowflakes. Each of us are inherently different from one another. From physicality to personality, it is impossible to find a perfect match.

Our complexities individuate us. As conscious beings, we “naturally” form opinions, egos, and beliefs. Just as each snowflake forms its own symmetrical pattern through crystallization, we form our own sense of self and feelings about one another as we make our way through life. Although both developments can be seen as beautifully unique, our humanistic processes seem to be much more complicated.

Snowflakes are crafted by specific weather conditions that we are now able to predict fairly accurately; but as humans, we are constantly constructing and influencing various pieces of ourselves (as well as others) simply by existing. This is why some of us may not be able to read our closest friends, especially not to the extent of an approaching snowstorm.

It is important to remain true to yourself, but diving through the depths of others may require you to hold your breath.

If you are attempting to discover the energy of another, it is important to first understand yourself. Learn about your impulses, body language, emotions, and the impressions you imprint onto others. Self-realization is a fundamental strength in learning about the people around you. Next, it is of equal validity to let communication flow by listening. Our minds are always making presumptions. Even before another person is finished with his or her sentence we have various endings already in mind. While we can be correct when filling in the blanks, this eager process can fuel incorrect biases and distract us in the midst of valuable learning.

It is through patience and elasticity that I have come to better understand others and in turn myself. It's not a perfect circle, but this cycle of empathy allows me to better harmonize internally and externally.


Position yourself in order to form around others you want to learn from. Allow yourself to listen and mold the conversation with questions rather than clashing with your presumptuous ego. Take something away from even the most difficult and painful conversations. Collaboration and communication is a vital tool of being human. It’s this sociability that allows us to advance and adapt substantially quicker than other species.

Connecting with others not only makes us human, but it presents the opportunity to become more. To become better versions of ourselves and create a version of the world we are proud to be apart of.


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