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Written in Red

Updated: Jul 17, 2022


You aren’t just the stars and the moon

You are the universe


Constantly evolving


Never to be fully understood


i just randomly thought about how people die

and when i thought about that happening to you i cried

if anybody deserves to live forever…


-- the mold from her

still grows on me

-- we assimilated

everyday since the rain

Barely Bleeding

We swung our words like knives

until we couldn’t bare bleeding anymore

the same stained floor that i now dip my quill into


I didn’t know

She was the most addictive drug

Until it was all gone

Half Hearted

i will give you my heart

as soon as she returns my soul


She holds the keys of

Love and loneliness

Life and death

But she left

All of the doors unlocked

A ♾ debt

She knew all

that i didn’t

& still had the courage

to lose herself

so that i could find myself

for that i am forever grateful

U2 > us

i love the way

He makes you feel

Everything that i couldn’t

You deserve that

And more


All fall down

None bleed the same


I still sleep next to you

in my dreams

and sometimes we fuck

Between 0 - 1

Sometimes i feel like one

more day with you

would feel like an infinity

the shortest of infinities

i could ever hope for.

i feel that scream

i loved Her

all of Her stupid quirks

Her depressing fears

tiring anxieties

i would always try to love everything she hated

i don't know why...

maybe so that she wouldn’t have to hate it forever

i think she hated that

That scream she did whenever she got excited

i can't get that beautiful half hearted scream out of my head

i loved that sound

i still do

Keep Burning


you're not hot

you're cute

and on fire


And now

I pray that she stays in love

so she never has to fight the pain


Fix Me

I wish you could see

just how much you fixed me

not to interfere with your happiness

to say thank you

for mine


i don’t blame you

or you


anyone really

for leaving me

it was best for all of you

i could have seen

myself doing the same...

and in the end


it was best for me

Car Crash

“You're not shit, you're going nowhere!”

i hate that memory

i fucking hate it.

i hate

because i love(d)

Black Heart

She stood with me

in hell

her heart

blackened to ash

before i could show her


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