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Rise and Fall

I seem to change a lot

like all the time a lot

it's how I stay alive


just as the breath

the inhale

and exhale   


“Do not confine the state of marriage to a certain man, but a full, rich and overflowing life. You desire to experience the joy of marriage. Do not modify your dream, but enhance it by making it lovelier. Then condense your desire into a single sensation, or act which implies its fulfillment.” – Neville Goddard

A beautiful tribute at the beginning of an incredible live performance. 


There are happy people

and sad people


what demon said

you have to pick a side?


Who are you ?



P.S. Do you agree?

only asking

because mine

sounded weirdly familiar 



"When I 

look at you

the whole world



- Lady Gaga


I only formatted

it for another

beautifully courageous



Broken and Beauty.jpg

Do you like (music) covers?

how about this one

💜 me when I’m_𝓣𝓮𝓻𝓻𝓲𝓫𝓵𝓮 &_I’ll s

I don't have Gucci shoes

but I do have

a Gucci belt



I used this font


Wix said:

Juul 2.jpg

"Playfair Display is a sophisticated font with tall, imposing letters. It's ideal for titles, headlines and short blocks of copy - like a product description."

Plan B Poem.jpg

Is Falling (in Love) Dangerous?

Here is grandson's answer

I'm a lot

like my father

more than I ever knew

I still love

this song



between my ego (Augustus Waters) and

my conscious (Hazel Grace) :

Excerpt from Mellisa Broder Interview 

Feel like you mention hippie type shit in the book.


What would I teach? I ‘led’ a guided meditation recently. That felt so good and beautiful and everyone looked like beautiful children to me. But like, I mention my new age past because I think in some ways it is something I evolved out of. Like, for so long I wanted a psychic or a magic crystal or a Buddha figurine or a quote to give me the answer. It’s such a relief to be like: it’s not there!! Recently after many years, I’ve gotten back into the crystals game.




Not crystal meth, just crystals. But even that is dangerous and I will tell you why. Here is why crystals might be bad for me:


Ok, so I spent my whole early 20s going to psychics and trying to like find the meaning and shit and then eventually I got sober and thru my sober journey have come to discover that the answer isn’t outside me. So I’ve been learning to live as though the answer isn’t outside me for a long time (I mean like it can be outside in terms of people or friends or support systems can be a messenger, but no one person or thing is going to be the THING that FIXES you). So then recently I made this foray into crystals and thought it would be purely beautiful and decorative. But the thing is, I am so not a person who can keep things fun. The things that I feel like will set me free end up imprisoning me. Like one minute I’m talking to a beautiful bohemian woman in a parking lot in Venice about her crystals and I’m like this is so fun and beautiful, just a celebration of the moment. That’s great! But then I start buying more crystals. And then more crystals. And now the new crystals make the old crystals look shitty. And I’m like was that crystal the gateway crystal? And like do I need a crystal for every fucking thing now? Like, no. I don’t want that. I want the power to come from inside me, not some bullshit outside.


So now I have a moratorium on crystals. I’m not allowed to buy any more.

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