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Sean Science: The Cat, The Multiverse, and Infinity

Updated: Jan 7, 2019

Schrödinger's cat is an experiment of logic that has influenced theories of quantum physics and spawned ideas such as the multiverse. It's a way of thinking that recognizes the possibilities of multiple universes existing simultaneously, each with varying laws of physics. The general hypothesis speculates that the formation of the multiverse was created by cosmic inflation during the big bang.

"Perhaps the most compelling support for the multiverse involves the mysterious force known as dark energy. In 1998, astronomers discovered that the universe was expanding faster and faster—an acceleration later attributed to dark energy. The rate of acceleration depends on a number known as the cosmological constant" - MARCUS WOO.

What would this multiverse look like?

"These multiverse ideas take on a host of different forms. Perhaps we live in a universe on top of a universe on top of a universe, and so on into infinity. Perhaps we live in a 'pocket' universe in an infinite field of universes. Maybe we even live in a universe of universes where any possible outcome of anything can occur, because all probabilities exist in their own universe" - KATE KERSHNER.

So as with all constructs of human perception, interpretation is a variable of your choosing.

Even our understanding of the singular universe isn't complete. Science has only been able to provide general attributes about the shape. The three main attributes are:

  1. Finite or infinite

  2. Flat (no curvature), open (negative curvature), or closed (positive curvature)

  3. Connectivity, how the universe is put together, i.e., simply connected space or multiply connected.

Forever and Ever?

It may very well be a never-ending quest to understand the true nature of the cosmos. As with faith, our environment presents us with choices. There aren’t necessarily rights or wrongs just different paths. While ignorance presents bliss for others, I will continue my journey curiously, forever rambling, not sleeping well, and attempting to understand the complexity of the (or these) universe(s). #WTF

“After the hundreds of thousands of years that Homo sapiens have been around, the cosmos can still elude our fidgety, inquisitive minds, easily outracing our considerable imaginations” - CALEB A. SCHARF.

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