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Looking at Nirvana inside of a Starbucks

Updated: Mar 25, 2019

I let my mind off the leash again. I can only pray that it comes back to me.


I’m thinking!

I am the runaway mind.

My hands still appear to be attached, body in tact, I can move my limbs, good signs.

Yet I don’t feel attached.

I feel free.

Is this what you’d call an out of body experience?

Was my coffee spiked?!

No, of course not. Starbucks wouldn't have the charisma, despite being the big brother enterprise of caffeinated beverages.

Maybe my power vinyasa yoga practice has elevated my conscious to nirvana?

No! You’ve been to four classes…

Fucking pull it together!

I wonder if those were the first words of Siddhārtha Gautama as he reached enlightenment.

Whatever is going on, It does feel good.

Is this sad... that these escapes from the physical make me feel free?

Wow, even in nirvana I am an over thinker… meaning I am definitely far from there!

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