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Dear Dopamine,

I love the sensation of your presence. You are a decisive source of pleasure, my beloved neurochemical reaction. Your my emotional elation and motivation. 3,4-dihydroxyphenethylamine, you make benign experiences illustrious. You are the electrical force that drives monotonous work late into tireless evenings. For all of this, I thank you. I am privileged to have met you in such abundance and will forever cherish our times together.

But your passionate highs come with new lows; treacherous downfalls to my unstable equilibrium. Your departure tends to leave me grieving, waiting, and hoping for you to return again. You have addictingly shaped me for better or worse. You have opened my perspective despite risking my well being.

I am no different than the rest, instinctively drawn to your affection. You are the amine that gives purpose to life. The chemical that makes me want to stay, to leave an everlasting footprint on this place. An indentation of hope, inspiration, and love. Dopamine, you are my gift and curse.


Homo erectus

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